Monster Hunter GMonster Hunter
Unlockable Quests and Movies
Offline Bonus Urgent Quests
Horn of the MonoblosComplete the "Horn of the Monoblos" urgent quest
The Shadow in the CavePossess at least one piece of Vespoid Armor
The Runaway DiablosPossess at least one piece of Monoblos Armor
Basarios: Unseen PerilPossess at least one piece of Cephalos Armor
Terror of the GraviosComplete "Basarios: Unseen Peril"Possess at least one piece of Cephalos Armor
Handle With Care!Complete "Terror of the Gravios"
Troublesome PairComplete all other Quests and Bonus Urgent Quests
Gallery Movies
Town of HuntersComplete all offline quests (including offline Bonus Urgent Quests) OR Clear all 1 star town quests and talk to Food Merchant at Marketplace (Fish Shop Lady)
Gravios EcologyComplete "Terror of the Gravios"
Plesioth EcologyComplete "Water Wyvern in the Desert"
Khezu EcologyComplete "Shadow in the Cave"
Diablos EcologyComplete "The Runaway Diablos"
Rathian EcologyComplete "Queen of the Desert" or "Slay the Rathian"
Hunter's GuildComplete "Horn of the Monoblos" OR Complete 3 star urgent Lao (unlocks 4 star/high rank/hr13+)
Hall of HeroesComplete "Horn of the Monoblos" OR Complete 3 star urgent Lao (unlocks 4 star/high rank/hr13+)
Blue HunterComplete "Your First Monster Hunt!"
ShepherdComplete "The Formidable Velocidrome!"
King of the SkiesComplete "Find the Wyvern Eggs"
Avian Master of the JungleComplete "Jungle Menace"
Menace in the SandComplete "The Land Shark"
Poison of the SwampComplete "Slay the Gypceros!"
Divine ProvidenceComplete "Attack of the Rathalos"
Horn of the MonoblosComplete "Horn of the Monoblos"
Lao-Shan LungComplete any quest to repel or slay Lao-Shan Lung
Dragon of Jagged RocksComplete any quest to repel or slay Ashen Lao-Shan Lung
Legendary Black DragonComplete any quest to repel or slay Fatalis
Advent of DisasterComplete any quest to repel or slay Crimson Fatalis
Kokoto Village Unlockables

After Clearing the Rathalos Urgent Quest that unlocks 5-Star, speak to the Village Elder who will direct you to go behind your house and retrieve the Hero's Blade sword.

After Clearing the Monoblos Urgent Quest at the end of the main quest line, speak to the Village Elder for a Hunter's Citation, required to upgrade the Hero's Blade. You will also need the extremely rare Monoblos Heart.

The Legendary Blades require an additional item: the Kokoto Village Chief's Old Sword.

Slay 20 or more of each Wyvern and speak to the Village Chief to receive the Early Bird Piercing.

Online Tickets
Crowns and Subspecies Quests

Quests to hunt a monster subspecies must be unlocked by successfully hunting a specimen of the common species of a large enough size. If a monster is unusually large, you will be awarded an appropriate Crown mark on quest completion, which is visible in your monster reference once you buy the associated book for that monster.

(See the Bestiary page and individual monsters for more details on exact sizes per crown.)

The White Monoblos quest, and the Village and High Rank Pink Rathian and Azure Rathalos quests only require a silver crown. All other subspecies can only be hunted in G Rank, and require a gold crown to unlock their quests (this includes any G Rank Pink Rathian and Azure Rathalos quests.)

There are a few notable exceptions to these rules:

Note that silver and gold crowns are not distinguished between common and subspecies monsters; that is to say, a subspecies crown will count for the species and vice-versa.


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