Monster Hunter 2 DOS
Hunter Titles

Certain accomplishments will unlock Hunter Titles. You can choose any one title to appear in your personal info, which is visible to other players online. Certain titles can only be unlocked in online play.

Hunter Rank

なしnonenone (default title)
熟練ハンター(自称)Self-proclaimed Hunternone
ベイグラントVagrantRegister with the Guild Master Online
ストレンジャーStrangerReach HR2 Online
レンジャーRangerReach HR4 Online
ルーキーハンターRookie HunterReach HR6 Online
ウッドマンWoodsmanReach HR8 Online
ワーデンWardenReach HR10 Online
ビーストスレイヤーBeast SlayerReach HR12 Online
ボーンダスターBone DusterReach HR14 Online
ウォーリアーWarriorReach HR16 Online
ブルファイターBull FighterReach HR18 Online
バーサーカーBerserkerReach HR20 Online
マーシナリーMercenaryReach HR22 Online
バウンティーハンターBounty HunterReach HR24 Online
ベテランアタッカーVeteran AttackerReach HR26 Online
アイアンブレイカーIron BreakerReach HR28 Online
サムライSamuraiReach HR30 Online
グランドウォーカーGround WalkerReach HR32 Online
ストライダーStriderReach HR34 Online
イクスプローラExplorerReach HR36 Online
フォレストガーディアンForest GuardianReach HR38 Online
ロードオブハンターLord of HuntersReach HR40 Online
グロリアスブレイヴァーGlorious BraverReach HR42 Online
チャンピオンChampionReach HR44 Online
ヒーローHeroReach HR46 Online
モンスターハンターMonster HunterReach HR48 Online
レジェンドLegendReach HR50 Online

Hunter Life

ブルジョワハンターBourgeois HunterHave 2,000,000z in your possession at one time
やりこみハンターDo-it-yourself HunterPlay for a total of 300 hours
調合の賢者Sage of SynthesisCombine 213/237 of the Combo recipes
食いしん坊GluttonEat 100 meals
ホームパーティー王Home Party KingOrder from the Special Felyne Menu 50 times Online
人気者Local CelebrityHave 50 registered Friends at the same time Online
アームレスラーPro WrestlerWin the Arm Wrestling Minigame 50 times
酒豪Endless ThirstWin the Drinking Minigame 50 times
スナイパーSniperScore 4,000P in the Shooting Minigame Online
トレジャーハンターTreasure HunterObtain at least 15 of the following Treasures: Explorer Compass, Explorer's Map, Expedition Kit, Explorer's Tools, Tome of Finality, Tome of Legends, Tome of Dragons, Ancient Dragon Tome, Ancient Spout, Ancient Vessel, Ancient Heel, Ancient Pot*, Song of Origins, Silver Egg, Golden Egg, Wyvern Tear, Territorial Dung, Crab Pearl, or Dragon Treasure Online
村長候補Jumbo Chief CandidateHunt Teostra in Offline Mode


(monster subspecies count toward the common monster: E.G. Pink Rathian counts for Rathian titles)

ランポスハンターVelocidrome HunterHunt 20 Velocidrome
ゲネポスハンターGendrome HunterHunt 20 Gendrome
イーオスハンターIodrome HunterHunt 20 Iodrome
ドスファンゴハンターBulldrome HunterHunt 20 Bulldrome
クックハンターKut-Ku HunterHunt 20 Yian Kut-Ku
ゲリョスハンターGypceros HunterHunt 20 Gypceros
ガレオスハンターCephadrome HunterHunt 20 Cephadrome
レイアハンターRathian HunterHunt 20 Rathian
フルフルハンターKhezu HunterHunt 20 Khezu
ガノスハンターPlesioth HunterHunt 20 Plesioth
モノブロスハンターMonoblos HunterHunt 20 Monoblos
ディアブロスハンターDiablos HunterHunt 20 Diablos
バサルモスハンターBasarios HunterHunt 20 Basarios
グラビモスハンターGravios HunterHunt 20 Gravios
レウスハンターRathalos HunterHunt 20 Rathalos
キリンハンターKirin HunterHunt 20 Kirin
イャンガルハンターGaruga HunterHunt 5 Yian Garuga
ザザミハンターHermitaur HunterHunt 20 Daimyo Hermitaur
ギザミハンターCeanataur HunterHunt 20 Shogun Ceanataur
ドドブラハンターBlangonga HunterHunt 20 Blangonga
ババコンガハンターCongalala HunterHunt 20 Congalala
クシャルハンターKushala Daora HunterHunt 20 Kushala Daora
オオナズチハンターChameleos HunterHunt 20 Chameleos
テオハンターTeostra HunterHunt 20 Teostra
ナナハンターLunastra HunterHunt 20 Lunastra
「青爪」Blue NailsHunt 50 Velocidrome
「碧牙」Green FangHunt 50 Gendrome
「紅毒」Crimson PoisonHunt 50 Iodrome
「猪突」Reckless BoarHunt 50 Bulldrome
「赤鳥」Red BirdHunt 50 Yian Kut-Ku
「閃光」FlashHunt 50 Gypceros
「砂塵」SandstormHunt 50 Cephadrome
「竜姫」Wyvern PrincessHunt 50 Rathian
「白闇」White DarknessHunt 50 Khezu
「激流」TorrentHunt 50 Plesioth
「一角」NarwhalHunt 50 Monoblos
「双魔」Twin DemonHunt 50 Diablos
「隠岩」Hidden StoneHunt 50 Basarios
「炎山」Blazing VolcanoHunt 50 Gravios
「王者」MonarchHunt 50 Rathalos
「雷神」Thunder GodHunt 50 Kirin
「黒狼」Black WolfHunt 50 Yian Garuga
「堅盾」Strong ShieldHunt 50 Daimyo Hermitaur
「鋭剣」Sharp SwordHunt 50 Shogun Ceanataur
「剛力」Herculean StrengthHunt 50 Blangonga
「道化」BuffooneryHunt 50 Congalala
「暴風」TempestHunt 50 Kushala Daora
「千彩」Thousand ColorsHunt 50 Chameleos
「炎帝」Flame EmperorHunt 50 Teostra
「業火」HellfireHunt 50 Lunastra
「金色」GoldenHunt 30 Rajang Online
「爆風」ShockwaveHunt 30 Rusted Kushala Daora Online
「動砦」Moving FortressHunt 30 Shen Gaoren Online
「封龍士」Sealed Dragon WarriorHunt 30 Lao-Shan Lung
「浮岳」Floating MountainHunt 30 Yama Tsukami Online
「龍殺」Dragon SlayerHunt 30 Fatalis Online
「龍王」Dragon KingHunt 30 Crimson Fatalis Online
「龍帝」Dragon EmperorHunt 30 White Fatalis Online
生け捕り名人Capture MasterCapture 100 Large Monsters (only Main Goal monsters count)
ジャイアントGiantHunt 5 King-size (Gold Crown) monsters Online
ギガンティックGiganticHunt 10 King-size (Gold Crown) monsters Online
キングオブキングスKing of KingsHunt 15 King-size (Gold Crown) monsters Online
ビッグマスターBig MasterHunt 5 Big-size (Silver Crown) monsters
ジャイアントマスターGiant MasterHunt 10 Big-size (Silver Crown) monsters
タイタンTitanHunt 15 Big-size (Silver Crown) monsters
ミクロMicroHunt 5 Small-size (Mini Crown) monsters
ミニマムMiniHunt 10 Small-size (Mini Crown) monsters
チキンオブチキンChicken of ChickensHunt 15 Small-size (Mini Crown) monsters


片手剣マニアSword and Shield EnthusiastCraft the Dragontruth Sword, Banned Rajang Club, Queen Rapier, Daora's Razor, Hi Frost Edge Online
大剣マニアGreat Sword EnthusiastCraft the Great Demon Rod, Daora's Decimator, Cera Cigil, King Teostra Blade, White Fatalis Blade Online
ランスマニアLance ManiacCraft the Great Demon Lance, Daora's Fang, Roaring Wyvern, Teostra's Roar, Sealed Dragonlance Online
ハンマーマニアHammer ManiacCraft the Lunastra's Crown, Ancient Blow, Ancient Relic, Daora's Colossus, Old Fatalis Buster Online
双剣マニアDual Swords ManiacCraft the Melting Wail+, Crimson Lotus Blade, Dual Chameleos, Hi Velociprey Claws, Stewbry Stirfoils Online
ライトボウガンマニアLight Bowgun ManiacCraft the Blessed Lamp, Raven Do, Tail String, Rajang Barrage, Fire Dragon Crossbow Online
ヘビィボウガンマニアHeavy Bowgun ManiacCraft the Daora's Delphinidae, Wolf Heirloom, Crab Buster, Gaoren Bowgun, Rock Eater Online
太刀マニアLongsword ManiacCraft the Lion King Saber, Dragonwood Godblade, Wyvern Blade "Maple", Great Demon Halberd, Gaelic Flame Online
弓マニアBow ManiacCraft the Hunter's Bow III, Wild Bow III, Wild Power Bow II, Queen Blaster II, Heartshot Bow II Online
ガンランスマニアGunlance ManiacCraft the Big Slugger, Luna's Flare, Black Gore Cannon, Chariot Gun, Dragonwood Cannon Online
狩猟笛マニアHunting Horn ManiacCraft the War Conga, Blood Flute, Cursed Ocarina, Gaoren Bell, Spirit Dragonwood Horn Online
ウエポンマスターWeapon MasterCraft at least 44/55 weapons of those required for each weapon Maniac title Online
ベストドレッサーBest DresserCraft at least 30/59 armor pieces in any combination of the ones below: Chameleos 10 Pieces, Lunastra 10 Pieces, Yama Tsukami 10 Pieces, White Fatalis 10 Pieces, Yian Garuga 10 Pieces, Melahoa 3 Pieces, Makluva 3 Pieces, Bistro 3 Pieces Online
ファッションリーダーFashion LeaderUnlock all Symbol Colors Online


キノコ博士Dr. MushroomDeliver a total of 30 Spicy Mushrooms
キノコマスターMushroom MasterDeliver a total of 30 Choice Mushrooms
エッグシーフEgg ThiefDeliver a total of 30 Wyvern Eggs
クリスタルハンターCrystal HunterDeliver a total of 30 Quartz Ore
デンジャラスハンターDangerous HunterDeliver a total of 30 Powderstone
アルピニストAlpinistPlant 30 Guild Flags
運び屋CarrierClear any Transport Quests 30 times
密林の案内人Jungle GuideClear 100 quests in the Jungle
砂漠の案内人Desert GuideClear 100 quests in the Desert
沼地の案内人Swamp GuideClear 100 quests in the Swamp
雪山の案内人Snowy Mountain GuideClear 100 quests in the Snowy Mountain
火山の案内人Volcano GuideClear 100 quests in the Volcano
森丘の案内人Forest and Hills GuideClear 100 quests in the Forest and Hills
道場ポイントゲッターDojo Point EarnerHave over 200,000 total points at the Hunter's Dojo
道場コインマスターDojo Coin MasterAcquire all the coins available at the Dojo
道場得点王Dojo ScorerScore 15,000P in a Hunter's Dojo quest
道場師範Dojo TeacherClear all Hunter's Dojo quests
道場教官Dojo InstructorClear all Instructor's Training quests
ビーストマスターBeast MasterWin 50 PvP Online
ダメ ビースターBad BeasterLose 50 PvP Online
ギルドナイトGuild KnightClear Dundorma sieges from the Tavern 30 times Online
ギルドの最終兵器Guild's Ultimate WeaponClear Dundorma sieges from the Elder Hall 30 times Online
ジャンボの英雄Jumbo HeroClear all Village Quests
酒場の英雄Tavern HeroClear all Dundorma Tavern Quests Online
ドンドルマの英雄Hero of DundormaClear all Online Quests Online

Much thanks to mmPotato for creating their wiki, whose information has been invaluable. Thanks to the many data extracted from the games themselves by 2Tie and Yuzucchi. Thanks to Amaillo for translation info. Thanks to Sammy for some very informative Bowgun meta. Thanks to Schrade Academy for info about sharpness correction. Thanks to Alphadivine and Malckyor for a lot of translated and well-organized info. And many thanks to the very helpful members of the Monster Hunter Oldschool Discord!