Monster Hunter 2 DOS
  • +10 Alchemy 錬金術


Allow special item combinations without the Alchemy Book.

  • +10 Pro Ammo Combiner 弾調合

Ammo Maker弾調合

Always make the maximum possible amount of ammunition when combining.

  • +10 Anti-Theft 盗み無効


Prevent anyone from stealing your items. Works against Melynxes, Gypceroses, and Purple Gypceroses.

  • -10 Extra Stinky バイキン(2× Dung and Poison)
  • +10 Squeaky Clean +1 抗菌+1(0.5× Dung and Poison)
  • +15 Squeaky Clean +2 抗菌+2(Negate Dung and 0.5× Poison)


Affects your susceptibility to Stench status and Poison.

  • +10 Artillery 砲術師(1.1×)


Increase damage dealt by Ballista S and Cannon S by 1.1×.

  • +10 Attack Up [S] 攻撃力UP【小】(+3)
  • +15 Attack Up [M] 攻撃力UP【中】(+5)
  • +25 Attack Up [L] 攻撃力UP【大】(+10)


Increase your weapon's Attack. Adds the amount in parentheses to the weapon's True Damage Value before its Bloat Value.

  • +10 Auto-Guard 自動防御


Block attacks automatically if your weapon is drawn. You must also be facing the direction of the incoming attack (within 180 degrees in front of you), and be free to block it (that is, not be in the middle of dodging or attacking.)

  • +10 Bombardier ボマー(1.5×)

Bomb Boost爆弾強化

Increase the yield of barrel bombs, dealing 1.5× damage, and ensuring success when combining bombs, Sonic Bombs, and Gunpowder. See the Explosive Damage section under About Weapons in the Weapons page.

  • +15 Expert Carver 剥ぎ取り名人


Allows you to carve monsters an additional time.

  • +10 Add Clust S Lv1 拡散弾LV1追加
  • +15 Add Clust S Lv1-2 拡散弾LV1&2追加
  • +20 Add All Clust S 拡散弾全レベル追加

Clust S+拡散弾追加

Load Cluster Shot of increasing levels in bowguns that cannot normally use it. Each level includes the shot(s) from previous levels (see the Weapons page for which weapons have what ammo by default.)

  • -20 Cold Surge [L] 寒さ倍加【大】(2× effect)
  • -10 Cold Surge [S] 寒さ倍加【小】(1.5× effect)
  • +10 Halve Cold 寒さ半減
  • +15 Negate Cold [S] 寒さ【小】無効(negate low effect, 1/3× high effect)
  • +20 Negate Cold [L] 寒さ【大】無効(negate all)

Cold Resistance耐寒

Hasten, reduce, or totally negate the maximum Stamina-reducing effects of cold zones.

  • -20 Combo Rate -15% 調合成功率-15%
  • -10 Combo Rate -5% 調合成功率-5%
  • +10 Combo Rate +5% 調合成功率+5%
  • +15 Combo Rate +10% 調合成功率+10%
  • +20 Combo Rate +20% 調合成功率+20%

Combo Rate調合成功率

Increase, or reduce, your chances to successfully combine items.

  • -10 Overconfident BBQ'er 自称・焼き名人
  • +10 BBQ Expert 焼き名人
  • +15 BBQ Master 焼き師匠


Make it harder, or easier, to cook meat on a BBQ Spit.

  • +10 Add Crag S Lv1 徹甲榴弾LV1追加
  • +15 Add Crag S Lv1-2 徹甲榴弾LV1&2追加
  • +20 Add All Crag S 徹甲榴弾全レベル追加

Crag S+榴弾追加

Load Crag Shot of increasing levels in bowguns that cannot normally use it. Each level includes the shot(s) from previous levels (see the Weapons page for which weapons have what ammo by default.)

  • -20 Defense - 40 防御-40
  • -15 Defense - 30 防御-30
  • -10 Defense - 20 防御-20
  • +10 Defense + 20 防御+20
  • +15 Defense + 30 防御+30
  • +20 Defense + 40 防御+40


Reduce, or increase, your total Defense.

  • -20 Dragon Resistance - 10 龍耐性-10
  • -15 Dragon Resistance - 5 龍耐性-5
  • -10 Dragon Resistance - 3 龍耐性-3
  • +10 Dragon Resistance + 3 龍耐性+3
  • +15 Dragon Resistance + 5 龍耐性+5
  • +20 Dragon Resistance + 10 龍耐性+10

Dragon Resistance龍耐性

Reduce, or increase, your Dragon Element Resistance.

  • +10 Earplugs 耳栓
  • +15 High Grade Earplugs 高級耳栓


Negate the staggering effect of monster roars. Some monsters roar so loudly, only High Grade Earplugs can block them out. Diablos and Fatalis roars require High Grade Earplugs.

  • -10 Slow Eater スローライフ
  • +10 Speed Eater 早食い


Take more or less time to eat meat and fish.

  • -20 All Element Resistance - 10 各耐性-10
  • -15 All Element Resistance - 5 各耐性-5
  • -10 All Element Resistance - 3 各耐性-3
  • +10 All Element Resistance + 3 各耐性+3
  • +15 All Element Resistance + 5 各耐性+5
  • +20 All Element Resistance + 10 各耐性+10

Element Resistance全耐性UP

Reduce, or increase, all of your Element Resistances.

  • +10 Evasion +1 回避性能+1(8)
  • +20 Evasion +2 回避性能+2(10)


Increase the amount of time that you are invulnerable during dodge moves. Normally, dodge moves have six frames of invulnerability: Evasion +1 increases this to 8 frames, +2 to 10 frames.

  • +10 Mind's Eye 心眼(+5)
  • +15 Critical Eye +1 見切り+1(+10 & no bouncing)
  • +25 Critical Eye +2 見切り+2(+15 & no bouncing)


Increase your weapon's affinity. Additionally, Critical Eye +1 and +2 prevent your weapon from bouncing.

  • -20 Horrible Luck 災難
  • -10 Bad Luck 不運
  • +10 Good Luck 幸運
  • +15 Great Luck 激運


Worsen/improve chances to receive additional items in quest rewards (see "How quest rewards work" on the Quests page.)

  • -20 Fire Resistance - 10 火耐性-10
  • -15 Fire Resistance - 5 火耐性-5
  • -10 Fire Resistance - 3 火耐性-3
  • +10 Fire Resistance + 3 火耐性+3
  • +15 Fire Resistance + 5 火耐性+5
  • +20 Fire Resistance + 10 火耐性+10

Fire Resistance火耐性

Reduce, or increase, your Fire Element Resistance.

  • +10 Fishing Expert 釣り名人


Increase the timing window to reel in a fish, and make the lure appear to be much bigger.

  • -15 Gathering -2 採取-2(59%)
  • -10 Gathering -1 採取-1(72%)
  • +10 Gathering +1 採取+1(91%)
  • +15 Gathering +2 採取+2(97%)


Worsen, or improve, your chance to gather additional items. One item is guaranteed and each successive attempt has a chance to have another item or the gathering point will be depleted. Normally this chance is 84%, and changes to the value in parentheses for the given level of this skill.

  • +10 Gourmand まんぷく(+25)
  • +15 Scavenger 拾い食い(+25 and 1/3 chance stamina from items)


Increase the amount of maximum Stamina gained when eating cooked meat by 25. Additionally, the Scavenging skill will occasionally increase maximum Stamina when using a recovery item. Specifically, it provides a 1/3 chance to gain 25 Maximum Stamina when using a recovery item.

  • -15 Guard -2 ガード性能-2
  • -10 Guard -1 ガード性能-1
  • +10 Guard +1 ガード性能+1
  • +20 Guard +2 ガード性能+2


Reduce, or improve, your shield's effectiveness while blocking. You'll get knocked back farther, consume more stamina, and take more chip damage with the negative skills, less knockback, stamina, and chip damage from the positive skills. This also affects the blocking animation, based on monster attack and weapon class. Guard +2 will also allow you to block normally unblockable attacks.

  • -10 Sharpness -1 斬れ味レベル-1
  • +10 Sharpness +1 斬れ味レベル+1


Reduce, or increase, the maximum sharpness of your weapon (normal and increased sharpness are included on the Weapons page per weapon.)

  • -20 Health - 30 体力-30
  • -15 Health - 20 体力-20
  • -10 Health - 10 体力-10
  • +10 Health + 10 体力+10
  • +15 Health + 20 体力+20
  • +20 Health + 30 体力+30


Reduce, or increase, your maximum Hitpoints by the given amount.

  • -20 Heat Surge [L] 暑さ倍加【大】(2× effect)
  • -10 Heat Surge [S] 暑さ倍加【小】(1.5× effect)
  • +10 Halve Heat 暑さ半減
  • +15 Negate Heat [S] 暑さ【小】無効(negate low effect, 1/3× high effect)
  • +20 Negate Heat [L] 暑さ【大】無効(negate all)

Heat Resistance耐暑

Hasten, reduce, or totally negate the Hitpoint-depleting effects of hot zones.

  • -15 Hunger Increased [L] はらへり倍加【大】(2×) (3 min)
  • -10 Hunger Increased [S] はらへり倍加【小】(1.5×) (4 min)
  • +10 Halve Hunger はらへり半減(12 min)
  • +15 Negate Hunger はらへり無効


Hasten, reduce, or totally negate the maximum Stamina-reducing effects of hunger. Stamina normally decreases every six minutes.

  • -20 Ice Resistance - 10 氷耐性-10
  • -15 Ice Resistance - 5 氷耐性-5
  • -10 Ice Resistance - 3 氷耐性-3
  • +10 Ice Resistance + 3 氷耐性+3
  • +15 Ice Resistance + 5 氷耐性+5
  • +20 Ice Resistance + 10 氷耐性+10

Ice Resistance氷耐性

Reduce, or increase, your Ice Element Resistance.

  • -10 Items Down アイテム使用弱化2/3× Duration
  • +10 Items Up アイテム使用強化1.5× Duration

Lasting Power効果持続

Reduce or increase the duration of consumables with a time-limited effect.

  • +10 Load Up 装填数UP


Maximizes the number of shots that can be loaded into Bowguns, and adds a fourth charge level for Bows.

  • -10 No Map 地図無効
  • +10 Automap 地図常備


Hide most of the map even with the Map supply item, or display the full locale map at all times.

  • +10 Big Guy! でかいの来い!


Increase the odds that monsters will be large individuals.

  • +10 Add Normal S Lv1 通常弾LV1追加
  • +15 Add All Normal S 通常弾全レベル追加

Normal S+通常弾追加

Load Normal Shot of increasing levels in bowguns that cannot normally use it. Each level includes the shot(s) from previous levels (see the Weapons page for which weapons have what ammo by default.)

  • +10 Normal S Up 通常弾攻撃力UP(1.1×)

Normal S Up通常弾強化

Deal increased 1.1× damage with Normal Shot.

  • -10 Double Paralysis 麻痺倍加
  • +10 Halve Paralysis 麻痺半減
  • +15 Negate Paralysis 麻痺無効


Suffer the effects of Paralysis for twice as long, half as long, or not at all.

  • +10 Add Pellet S Lv1 散弾LV1追加
  • +15 Add Pellet S Lv1-2 散弾LV1&2追加
  • +20 Add All Pellet S 散弾全レベル追加

Pellet S+散弾追加

Load Pellet Shot of increasing levels in bowguns that cannot normally use it. Each level includes the shot(s) from previous levels (see the Weapons page for which weapons have what ammo by default.)

  • +10 Pellet S Up 散弾攻撃力UP(1.3×)

Pellet S Up散弾強化

Deal increased 1.3× damage with Pellet Shot.

  • +10 Add Pierce S Lv1 貫通弾LV1追加
  • +15 Add Pierce S Lv1-2 貫通弾LV1&2追加
  • +20 Add All Pierce S 貫通弾全レベル追加

Pierce S+貫通弾追加

Load Pierce Shot of increasing levels in bowguns that cannot normally use it. Each level includes the shot(s) from previous levels (see the Weapons page for which weapons have what ammo by default.)

  • +10 Pierce S Up 貫通弾攻撃力UP(1.1×)

Pierce S Up貫通弾強化

Deal increased 1.1× damage with Pierce Shot.

  • -10 Double Poison 毒倍加
  • +10 Halve Poison 毒半減
  • +15 Negate Poison 毒無効


Suffer Poison for twice as long, half as long, or not at all.

  • -15 Worrywart 心配性(Attack × 0.7 & Defense - 42)
  • +10 Adrenaline +1 火事場力+1(Defense + 90)
  • +15 Adrenaline +2 火事場力+2(Attack × 1.5 & Defense + 90)


Affects your Attack and/or Defense when your health drops low enoughbelow 40%.

  • -10 Deviation Up ぶれ幅UP
  • +10 Deviation Down ぶれ幅DOWN


Increase, or reduce, the deviation of Bowgun shots and Bow arrows.

  • -10 Demonic Protection 悪霊の加護(1.3×)
  • +10 Divine Protection 精霊の加護(0.7×)


Sometimes25% of the time take more or less 1.3× or 0.7× damage.

  • +10 Detect 探知
  • +15 Autotracker 自動マーキング


Detect will show a detailed monster icon on the map, as long as the monster is being tracked (if it is Paintballed or the hunter is using Psychoserum); Autotracker will additionally show monster icons on the map at all times.

  • +10 Rapid-Fire 連射


Fire bowgun shots without having to reload, except when changing ammo type. This also increases recoil (see the Recoil section under About Weapons in the Weapons page for more details.) Fire your Bow much faster.

  • +10 Recoil Down +1 反動軽減+1(-2)
  • +15 Recoil Down +2 反動軽減+2(-4)


Reduce bowgun Recoil by two, or four, points. (see the Recoil section under About Weapons in the Weapons page for more details.)

  • -20 Recovery Speed -2 ダメージ回復速度-2(4× slower)
  • -10 Recovery Speed -1 ダメージ回復速度-1(3× slower)
  • +10 Recovery Speed +1 ダメージ回復速度+1(3× faster)
  • +20 Recovery Speed +2 ダメージ回復速度+2(4× faster)

Recover Speed回復速度

Recover temporary damage (red bar) more slowly, or quickly, per the multipliers in parentheses.

  • -10 Recovery Items Down 体力回復アイテム弱化(0.75×)
  • +10 Recovery Items Up 体力回復アイテム強化(1.25×)

Recovery Items回復

Reduce, or increase, the amount of Hitpoints recovered from healing items. (This effect is not applied to other hunters when using Lifepowder or recovery items with the Wide-Range skills.)

  • -15 Reload Speed -2 装填速度-2(140% coating time)
  • -10 Reload Speed -1 装填速度-1(110% coating time)
  • +10 Reload Speed +1 装填速度+1(85% coating time)
  • +15 Reload Speed +2 装填速度+2(75% coating time)
  • +20 Reload Speed +3 装填速度+3(65% coating time)

Reload Speed装填

Increase, or reduce, the time it takes to reload Bowgun shots and apply Bow coatings (see the Reload section under About Weapons in the Weapons page for more details.)

  • -10 Taunt 挑発
  • +10 Sneak 隠密


Draw the aggression of monsters more, or less, often than other hunters in the zone. This does not impact how a monster first detects you.

  • -10 Blunt Edge なまくら
  • +10 Razor Sharp 業物


Blunt increases the amount of sharpness lost while attacking and when blocking with the Great Sword. Sharp Sword reduces sharpness loss when bouncing to the normal amount, reduces sharpness loss when blocking with the Great Sword, and reduces sharpness loss for the Gunlance when firing Shells and Wyvernfire. Normal and Wide shells reduce only one hit of sharpness, Long two hits, Wyvernfire five. (see the Gunlance Shells and Wyvernfire section under About Weapons in the Weapons page for more details.)

  • -10 Sleep Doubled 睡眠倍加
  • +10 Sleep Halved 睡眠半減
  • +15 Sleep Negated 睡眠無効


Sleep for twice as long, half as long, or not at all when inflicted by Sleep from a monster.

  • -10 Freeze 凍結
  • +10 Snow Res +1 耐雪+1
  • +20 Snow Res +2 耐雪+2

Snow Resistance耐雪

Increase the duration, reduce the duration, or totally negate the effects of Snowman status.

  • +10 Speed Gathering 高速剥ぎ取り&採取(1.3×)

Speed Gathering高速収集

Gather items in the field and carve monsters 1.3× more quickly.

  • -10 Sharpening Slowed 砥石性能半減(0.5×)
  • +10 Fast Sharpening 砥石使用高速化(0.25×)

Speed Sharpening研ぎ師

Reduces the amount of sharpness restored when sharpening by half, or reduce the amount of time it takes to sharpen your weapon to one quarter the time.

  • -10 Short Sprinter 鈍足18 units (1.2×)
  • +10 Marathon Runner ランナー8 units (0.54×)


Increase or reduce the amount of stamina used while sprinting, charging Hammer attacks, using Dual Swords Demon Mode, and charging Bow shots. The normal amount of stamina consumption for sprinting is 15 units.

  • +10 Status Attack Up 状態異常攻撃強化(1.125×)


Apply more 1.125× status with every hit. This applies to all Blademaster weapons that have status, Poison S, Stun S, Sleep S, Poison Coating, Para Coating, and Sleep Coating.

  • -10 Stun Doubled 気絶倍加
  • +10 Stun Halved 気絶確率半減
  • +15 Stun Negated 気絶無効


Suffer the effects of being Stunned by a monster for twice as long, half as long, or not at all.

  • -15 Terrain Up Large 地形ダメージ増【大】(2×)
  • -10 Terrain Up Small 地形ダメージ増【小】(4/3×)
  • +10 Terrain Down Small 地形ダメージ減【小】(2/3×)
  • +15 Terrain Down Large 地形ダメージ減【大】(1/3×)


Increase or reduce the effects of Terrain damage by the amount in parentheses. This includes heat damage from lava and the flame aura generated by some elder dragons.

  • +10 Throw 投擲技術UP


Throw items such as Paintballs and Throwing Knives farther and faster. Also reduces the likelihood a thrown Boomerang will break to 12.5%.

  • -20 Thunder Resistance - 10 雷耐性-10
  • -15 Thunder Resistance - 5 雷耐性-5
  • -10 Thunder Resistance - 3 雷耐性-3
  • +10 Thunder Resistance + 3 雷耐性+3
  • +15 Thunder Resistance + 5 雷耐性+5
  • +20 Thunder Resistance + 10 雷耐性+10

Thunder Resistance雷耐性

Reduce, or increase, your Thunder Element Resistance.

  • Torso Up 胴系統倍加

Torso Up胴系統倍加

Increases all skill points on your torso armor. Each piece of armor with Torso Up adds all the skill points for the torso armor an additional time, as if that armor had all the same skill points (positive and negative.) E.G. one piece doubles the points, two pieces triple, etc.

  • +10 Pro Transporter 運搬の達人


Move faster while carrying an egg or other delivery item, and drop from a greater height without breaking or dropping it.

  • +15 Negate Tremors 耐震

Tremor Resistance耐震

Eliminate the effects of monster-induced Tremors.

  • +10 Halve Vocal Chord Paralysis 声帯麻痺毒半減
  • +15 Negate Vocal Chord Paralysis 声帯麻痺毒無効

Vocal Chords声帯

Reduce the duration of, or negate, Silence status. Also reduce the duration of, or negate, maximum stamina loss from Chameleos's attacks.

  • -20 Water Resistance - 10 水耐性-10
  • -15 Water Resistance - 5 水耐性-5
  • -10 Water Resistance - 3 水耐性-3
  • +10 Water Resistance + 3 水耐性+3
  • +15 Water Resistance + 5 水耐性+5
  • +20 Water Resistance + 10 水耐性+10

Water Resistance水耐性

Reduce, or increase, your Water Element Resistance.

  • -15 Devil's Whim 悪魔の気まぐれ(+50%)
  • -10 Spectre's Whim 悪霊の気まぐれ(+25%)
  • +10 Spirit's Whim 精霊の気まぐれ(-25%)
  • +15 Divine Whim 神の気まぐれ(-50%)


Increase, or reduce, the chance that a tool will break when used. The chance the tool will break is in parentheses.

  • +10 Wide-Range +1 広域化+1(0.5× effect)
  • +20 Wide-Range +2 広域化+2(1.0× effect)


Share the effects of certain consumables Herbs, Potions, Antidotes, Powerseeds, and Armorseeds with all hunters in the zone. The stage determines how much of the effect is applied.

  • +10 Windproof [S] 風圧【小】無効
  • +15 Windproof [L] 風圧【大】無効
  • +25 Dragon-Windproof 龍風圧無効

Wind Pressure風圧

Resist the effects of wind created by monsters beating their wings, kicking up dust, etc. Some monsters apply stronger Wind Pressure than others, and can only be resisted by the High Wind Pressure skill.

Much thanks to mmPotato for creating their wiki, whose information has been invaluable. Thanks to the many data extracted from the games themselves by 2Tie and Yuzucchi. Thanks to Amaillo for translation info. Thanks to Sammy for some very informative Bowgun meta. Thanks to Schrade Academy for info about sharpness correction. Thanks to Alphadivine and Malckyor for a lot of translated and well-organized info. And many thanks to the very helpful members of the Monster Hunter Oldschool Discord!