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Mosswine モス

Wild pigs covered in moss and fungus. Sometimes you will even find mushrooms growing on them. Their meat is known as a delicacy. Though normally docile, they will charge you if angered! [Monster Hunter (US)]


Bullfango ブルファンゴ

A large wild boar. Foul tempered, they will charge hunters on sight. Aggressive and powerful, so beware! Often hunted for their meat, which many hunters find delicious. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Kelbi ケルビ

A herbivorous, deer-like monster. Valued for their horns, they run away at the first hint of danger. Hunted for their chewy but flavorful meat. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Aptonoth アプトノス

Hunted as a food source, these creatures are preyed upon by both hunter and monster alike. Usually timid, but in packs they defend themselves with surprising strength. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Apceros アプケロス

Hunted for their meat, which is buried under a thick, armored hide. Aggressive, hunting them can be a challenge. Its eggs are a valuable guild commodity. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Felyne アイルー

Cat-like humanoids with white fur. Normally quiet unless angered, in which case they attack. Capable of speech. Found in the employ of humans. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Melynx メラルー

Cat-like humanoids with black fur. Sticky-fingered, they won't pass up a chance to steal and take it to their village. Distracted by Felvine. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Vespoid ランゴスタ

Enormous, wasp-like insectoid with a stinger that stuns prey. There are rarely any usable materials left to harvest from them once killed. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Hornetaur カンタロス

Vespoid-like monster with a thicker shell. Rarely any usable materials are left to harvest once they are killed. But if you could sap their Health gradually... [Monster Hunter (US)]


Velociprey ランポス

Aggressive, carnivorous monsters that travel in packs. Even master hunters should avoid getting surrounded! Wide ranging, they are found in many different climates. [Monster Hunter (US)]


White Velociprey ギアノス

A species very similar to, and often found in the company of, Velociprey. Their white skin is beautiful, but their temperament is not. Much like their blue cousins, they attack in deadly packs. [Monster Hunter Freedom 2]

White Velociprey

Velocidrome ドスランポス

The alpha monster that leads a Velociprey pack. Larger and with a more prominent crest. Highly territorial, but will retreat to a safe place when injured. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Genprey ゲネポス

Subspecies of Velociprey mainly found in deserts. They travel in packs. Their large fangs and claws contain a neurotoxin that is used to stun and paralyze prey. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Gendrome ドスゲネポス

The alpha monster that leads a Genprey pack. They are larger and have a more prominent crest. Found in the desert. They can paralyze prey using their toxic fangs and claws. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Ioprey イーオス

A subspecies of Velociprey often found in subtropical zones. Sacs in their throat contain a powerful poison that slowly drains the Health of their prey. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Iodrome ドスイーオス

Alpha monster of an Ioprey pack. Larger and with a more prominent crest. Found in tropical zones. Their poison saps the life force of its prey. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Rathalos リオレウス

Male wyvern that keeps a nest and patrols its territory from the air in search of prey. Its claws are filled with poison that weakens its prey. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Azure Rathalos リオレウス亜種

An azure-colored subspecies of Rathalos. More mobile than their standard cousin, they locate prey from the air and quickly swoop in for the kill. Once these master hunters select a target, there is little hope of escape. [Monster Hunter 3U]

Azure Rathalos

Silver Rathalos リオレウス希少種

A rare variant of Rathalos with a beautiful silver body reminiscent of the sun. Little is known about their behavior or physiology--including the source of their rich silver sheen. [Monster Hunter 3U]

Silver Rathalos

Rathian リオレイア

Female wyvern to the male Rathalos. Unlike its male counterpart, it usually patrols its territory by foot. Its tail spikes are filled with poison. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Pink Rathian リオレイア(亜種)

A subspecies of Rathian with vibrant pink scales. Pink Rathian wield their toxic tails more skillfully than normal Rathian, using a wide variety of attacks to weaken their prey before eventually moving in for the kill. [Monster Hunter 3U]

Pink Rathian

Gold Rathian リオレイア希少種

A rare variant of Rathian with a beautiful golden body reminiscent of the moon. Little is known about their behavior or physiology--including the source of their rich golden sheen. [Monster Hunter 3U]

Gold Rathian

Yian Kut-Ku イャンクック

A bird-like wyvern with a huge beak and large ears. With its sensitive hearing it dislikes loud noises. Smaller but faster than other wyverns. [Monster Hunter (US)]

Yian Kut-Ku

Blue Yian Kut-Ku イャンクック亜種

A Yian Kut-Ku variant protected by a blue carapace. They share the same weakness to loud noises that ordinary Yian Kut-Ku have, but when angered, they display significantly greater physical strength. [Monster Hunter 4U]

Blue Yian Kut-Ku

Gypceros ゲリョス

A wyvern that can generate bright flashes of light with its prominent head crest. Its rubbery hide resists damage, and it can spit a poisonous substance. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Purple Gypceros ゲリョス(亜種)

A Gypceros variant distinguished by its unique purple hide. They are extremely resistant to poison, and can spit copious amounts of highly venomous saliva. [Monster Hunter 4U]

Purple Gypceros

Khezu フルフル

Loathsome wyverns that live inside caves. Near blind, they detect their prey by smell. They are capable of generating electric shocks, which they use to paralyze their prey. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Red Khezu フルフル(亜種)

A ghastly Khezu variant with a crimson hue and a much more aggressive temperament. Their electrical organs are further developed as well, giving them a wider variety of attacks to disable and ensnare prey. [Monster Hunter 4U]

Red Khezu

Plesioth ガノトトス

An enormous, flightless, aquatic wyvern with wings that have evolved into fins for swimming. Although superficially fish-like, they can move on land as well. They love frogs. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Green Plesioth ガノトトス亜種

A subspecies of Plesioth with jade-green scales. Though primarily aquatic, the creature's movements are equally adept both in and out of water. When enraged, it has a habit of surfacing to rampage on land. [Monster Hunter 3U]

Green Plesioth

Cephalos ガレオス

Wyverns found only in the desert. They resemble a Plesioth, but live and “swim” in sand rather than water. They seldom appear above land, but when their hearing is disturbed... [Monster Hunter (US)]


Cephadrome ドスガレオス

The alpha monster form of the Cephalos. Larger and armored with black scales, they fit the appearance of a leader perfectly. Their fins hold a paralyzing toxin. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Monoblos モノブロス

Large-horned wyvern found in deserts. The giant horn makes their attacks very dangerous. Without breath attack. Their ear-splitting roar is the bane of hunters. [Monster Hunter (US)]


White Monoblos モノブロス亜種

A rare Monoblos subspecies covered in chalk-tinted plating. More ferocious than its standard cousin, the White Monoblos is unrelenting in the pursuit of any prey it happens upon. [Monster Hunter 4U]

White Monoblos

Diablos ディアブロス

A two-horned wyvern found in deserts. They are capable of burrowing into the sand to attack prey from below. It's confirmed that they have a subspecies called Monoblos. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Black Diablos ディアブロス亜種

These black-shelled Diablos are treated as a subspecies, but are actually just normal female Diablos in heat. The color change is a warning to other creatures, as they tend to become extremely aggressive during mating season. [Monster Hunter 3U]

Black Diablos

Gravios グラビモス

A large wyvern found in volcanic zones. It possesses a fiery breath-attack and can emit a sleeping gas. Their scales are extremely hard, deflecting most weapon attacks. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Black Gravios グラビモス亜種

A Gravios subspecies distinguished by a hard black carapace that allows them to contain their own extraordinarily high internal temperatures. They sometimes discharge this thermal energy as an extremely powerful heat ray. [Monster Hunter 4U]

Black Gravios

Basarios バサルモス

A large wyvern found in volcanic zones. They are the juvenile form of the Gravios. They have a steel-like carapace that requires powerful weapons to crack. Emits poison gas. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Kirin キリン

Said to glow a faint blue. Few have seen it so details are scarce. It's apparently capable of calling forth lightning at will. Its material is very valuable. [Monster Hunter (US)]


Lao-Shan Lung ラオシャンロン

A giant dragon few have seen and lived to tell the tale. When on a rampage it wreaks havoc on all in its path. The guild has built a fortress to repel the beast. Will it hold? [Monster Hunter (US)]

Lao-Shan Lung

Ashen Lao-Shan Lung ラオシャンロン亜種

This subspecies of Lao-Shan Lung is characterized by a bluish shell. The color of its shell is determined by the minerals it takes in while its shell is forming. This subspecies incorporates harder minerals, and is also known as the rocky mountain dragon. [Monster Hunter Frontier]

Ashen Lao-Shan Lung

Fatalis ミラボレアス

A legendary black dragon said to have prowled these lands from the days of old. A monster shrouded in mystery... [Monster Hunter (US)]


Crimson Fatalis ミラボレアス(紅龍)

It is said that this is an especially old Fatalis whose scales have turned red from years of exposure to volcanic heat. [no known sources]

Crimson Fatalis

About Monsters

Monster Stats


Monster Hitzones represent the percent value of each damage type that the given body part will take when hit. See the About Weapons section of the Weapons Page for more details on damage calculations.

Part Breaks and Tail Cuts

Some body parts on a monster can be broken or cut by weapons. Part Breaks can be achieved with any type of damage. The exact amount of damage to break any given monster part is currently unknown.

A monster's tail can only be cut with a cutting weapon.

Status Tolerance

Status Tolerance starts at the lowest given value, and increases to the next value each time the monster succumbs to the status effect, up to the given maximum. While Poisoned, further Poison status can be built up without limit, potentially allowing a hunter to keep a monster poisoned for the duration of the hunt, but is limited to the previous status tolerance; so the next Poison proc can happen soonner, but not immediately after the current duration expires. Other statuses can be accumlated while a monster is Paralyzed or Poisoned, but the effect will not proc until the current status ends.

The duration of a given status proc will differ per monster, but does not increase nor decrease with successive procs.

After every hit from a status weapon, status shot, or status-coated arrow, the monster will naturally recover from the status build-up. This recovery happens every few seconds, giving the hunter a chance to continue to build up status. E.G. Poison Recovery 10/5sec indicates that every five seconds, the poison status will be reduced by ten.

Poison damage is also determined per monster. When the Poison is first proc'd, it will deal one increment of damage immediately (this is why Vespoids will often die as soon as they are poisoned.), and successive damage will apply at the given interval until the end of the duration.

Rage Mode

When enraged, certain monsters will receive a buff to their Attack, Defense, and Speed.

  • The Attack buff is applied to damage the monster deals.
  • The Defense buff modifies damage done to the monster (lower % means less damage.)
  • Speed is how fast the monster moves and attacks.

Monster Attacks

Every monster attack has three components: Attack, Impact, and Knock-out. Attack is the base attack power; Impact is how hard you'll be knocked back, and if you block, how much stamina blocking will consume; Knock-out is how much of the effect will get added, until it reaches 100 and you'll start seeing stars.

Some attacks will have an additional effect, status ailment, or element damage. If an attack deals element damage, it only deals element, no raw damage.

Status Effects

Poison Poison

Poison will slowly build up recoverable damage (red on the health bar.) You won't recover any such damage until the poison is cured, and any damage you take will immediately deplete the recoverable damage like normal. Some monsters can deal Strong Poison which will accumulate damage faster than normal. Use an Antidote to cure the effect.

Paralysis Paralysis

Paralysis will immobilize you for a short time. A fellow hunter can break the paralysis if they attack you with a move that will send you flying: E.G. the Great Sword upswing or the Lance charge. Unlike other status effects, a monster attack with Paralysis only has a chance to inflict the effect.

Sleep Sleep

Sleep will immobilize you for several seconds, or until you are hit with an attack. Your fellow hunters can break you out of sleep with any attack, including a kick.

Knock-out Knock-out

Knock-out (KO) will trigger when you've been hit by monster attacks too frequently. Most monster attacks have a KO value that will accumulate when the attack lands. Once the KO value reaches 100, you will be immobilized for a short time. Mash the face buttons and spin the left analog stick to recover more quickly.

Much thanks to mmPotato for creating their wiki, whose information has been invaluable. Thanks to the many data extracted from the games themselves by 2Tie and Yuzucchi. Thanks to Amaillo for translation info. Thanks to Sammy for some very informative Bowgun meta. Thanks to Lutyrannus for video footage of monsters not listed in the official guide book. And many thanks to the very helpful members of the Monster Hunter Oldschool Discord!